We say thank you for supporting the Arts in Australia

Written on 02/01/2021
Ponderings Magazine

Australian Skin Face Body offers excellence in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, skin health and anti-ageing medicine.

Being both a medical practice and a skin and laser clinic means the ASFB team can offer a variety of proven treatments and deliver exceptional levels of care. They believe in providing honest opinions based on your specific needs, to help you achieve natural and realistic results.

But do you know what we LOVE about them even more than their integrity?

They support the arts and news about real people. They support Ponderings magazine, so we can get out there and find stories and promote the stories that might not otherwise be told. For this- we say thank you. 

Head over to https://www.asfb.com.au

Located in Horsham, Geelong, Warrnambool, Ballarat