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Kirsten Macdonald

COVID-19 has affected our lives massively, and pets have emerged as an integral part of coping with the pandemic. Animals provide us with unconditional love, reduce stress levels, and help fill social isolation gaps society faces during these trying times.

Consequently, the world has seen a significant rise in animal adoptions and purchases. According to PetRescue Australia, over 2.3 million pet lovers jumped on to PetRescue during the first few months of lockdowns in our country, collectively contributing to over 49 MILLION page views. 


In just three months, 20,350 adoptions were successfully made.  


According to experts, these are the unique qualities that make pets so valuable for people worldwide during COVID-19.


Pets Can Pick Up On Your Emotions


Pets can sense your emotions. So whether you are happy, sad, depressed, or tired, your pet always knows it and will try to give you company to put you in a good mood. Moreover, you can share all your feelings with your pet without getting unwelcome advice. Pets are great listeners, and sometimes, simply saying things out loud can help you overcome troubling thoughts triggered by COVID-19. We have noticed when I am about to have a seizure or a weird brain fart -our Schnoodle Charilie plays close attention and won't leave my side. How do they sense these things? I think this might call for another article!

Pets are a Good Source of Laughter


Pets are incredibly adorable and funny. If you have ever watched your dog chase his tail, or your cat startled by noise, or your parrot copying your sentences, you have probably had a good chuckle.

Remember that pets love human attention. And if they notice something they do gets them your focus, they will keep milking the moment to make you laugh, and laughter is the best medicine to relieve stress.


Pets Can Accompany You on a Walk


Even during the pandemic, it’s impossible to stay at home all the time. A change of environment is essential for the brain to stay healthy, and going out on a walk is a great way to achieve that. Whether on a leash, on your shoulder, or in a stroller, you can always go out with your pet to say hello to your neighbours from afar.  I am very fond of seeing a local lady at the beach with her chooks- incredibly cute, mind you I am not sure my Alpacas would fit in the stroller...

Pets Are Safe To Hug

While touching humans may not be safe during COVID-19, you can still snuggle with your pets to feel relaxed. Currently, there’s no evidence that pets transmit this disease, and therefore, hugging them is completely fine. According to experts, snuggling your pet will produce a feel-good hormone called oxytocin and lower cortisol levels, a hormone responsible for triggering stress, anxiety, and depression.


Pets Help You Spread Happiness


Nowadays, both TV and social media are filled with depressing updates about the pandemic. However, during these tricky times, a cute photo of your cat, dog, hare, or parrot can add joy to your loved ones. Besides, it’s the simplest way to bring a smile to the faces of people who are close to you. All you need to do is take a picture or make a video of your pet being adorable and share it with your loved ones through text, email, or social media platforms. Indeed, nothing makes people happier in a stressful situation than a funny pet photo or video sent to them by a loved one. 

Interesting fact to ponder:

Pets can help you survive a pandemic.


During the 1918 flu pandemic, pets were used to help detect infected people and alert doctors before they got sick. They were also used as guards in quarantine camps to protect humans from one another during this time of crisis. 


Pets are a wonderful addition to any household, and they provide many benefits for the owner. One of these is an increased sense of well-being when times get chaotic or stressful. So if you got a new pet over the last 12 months (or know someone who did), we would love to see your pics! Use hashtag #ponderingspets- we want to hear about how this furry friend has changed your life or helped during periods of isolation--we’re sure there are lots more stories out there! So grab those camera phones and snap away while giving us some good feels with your pics.


PetRescue is a national animal welfare charity with a vision of a future where every pet is safe, respected and loved. 



About the author- 

Kirsten Macdonald is a Narnia fan and also has a penchant for good 90s tunes. She likes reading, talking to alpacas (you know those fluffy animals with the long necks) wordsmithing and has a homesteading passion. Theological debate is always welcome, as long as it doesn't become too heated! She has survived brain surgery, but that didn't stop her from becoming the editor-in-chief at the magazine she founded. Kirsten is also featured on podcasts across Australia and overseas because she tells some great stories about life and other weird stuff.