Filming Fever Set To Flare Again in the Geelong Region.

Kirsten Macdonald

What does Geelong have to do with the suffragette movement in New York City? Well, a hidden gem written by playwright Floyd Dell in 1915 about a love affair struck a chord with Geelong based actress Cassidy Krygger.

Enigma, a one-act play, has been reinvigorated and is set to be filmed in Geelong. With Aussie producer Jessica Orscik on board and her US-based production company, Diversity Pictures, Orscik is dedicated to edifying projects with diversity. 

This is the crowning stroke in what is set to be a shining light for Geelong in the face of an industry crippled by COVID. 


More than a little inspiring, Krygger sought inspiration as she battled Multiple Sclerosis, and plunged herself into the world of script, story and art. Diagnosed in 2018, the humble and dedicated actress has forged forward to bring diversity and inspiration to audiences. 


"The moment I read Enigma, I fell in love with it. A one-act play, Enigma tells the story of a love affair, the story could be told today, and I contemplated a narrative with a twist, what if the affair happened between two women? Thus began the journey, a period piece with strong female characters to reinvigorate a masterpiece." 



Playright Floyd Dell 

"When I was diagnosed in 2018, I desperately needed stories to escape into. I also realised I wanted people with Multiple Sclerosis to look up to the industry that I love. I feel there are limited opportunities for people with disabilities; even though this is slowly changing, I would love to be a part of that change," says Cassidy. 


Filming took place at the Wormbete Estate in Winchelsea, the period piece will be an excellent addition to what the Geelong region has to offer artistically, with film crews historically bringing great fortune to regional areas. The SeaChange effect, coined after the series name filmed in Barwon Heads from 1998 to 2000 by the ABC, with a stellar cast including star Sigrid Thorton- showed how prosperous filming can be for regional areas. Films such as The Dressmaker, Mad Max, and Tomorrow When the War Began showcases the elements our area offers. 


"It is so exciting to inject some more excitement into the town I love so much. However with COVID impacting the industry so severely we are personally looking for collaboration by those wanting to invest in the project to help get it going. It is a very expensive process, even with our personal free contributions" says Cassidy. 


If you would like to be a part of the Enigma launch, and you would like to show your support for this exciting project; join us by clicking here- Daisy Productions