The Tangible Oscillation of Us

Kirsten Macdonald

Words by Kirsten Macdonald


This earth spins, and its inhabitants live in a systemised structure designed to keep us animated. 


To keep the axis infused with purpose. Functionalized pecking order is not reserved for the human species either; most species have hierarchical structures. From Zebrafish to Lemurs, many of earth's inhabitants distribute resources by way of categorising classes. Birds and fish do not let their own starve, but then wolves will eat their young... there's that. 


It's the social stratification stuff that gets interesting. Samurai to Servant, Bourgeoisie to Butler, Brahmins to Shudras, we could go on for days. Words like Third World, lower socio-economic, middle class, uneducated, academic, wealth, poverty, powerful words all based around how products, food and energy is distributed. 


So how does our structure work? 


The expectation is that we will work in a job or run a business for a certain amount of hours per day. This will pay for shelter, food, education, dinner sets, phones, insurance bills, health insurance, superannuation, work cover, beige ocean side design, car registration, yoga classes, childcare, shall I continue? We pay taxes to a hierarchical structure we elect so the other stuff can be taken care of, and so we can be protected in many ways. Protected with our roads, our borders, our vulnerable, our health, you name it. If you don't abide by this system, the consequences are disastrous. 


We work harder, and the world becomes busier, a complex system where the economic balance is anything but. 


The more complicated it becomes, the less time for each other we have. 


Why can't the majority of people escape this and grow all their food, generate electricity and provide for their community? Make bricks, fetch water, teach the young? 


As the years go by, we have fewer functional skills; we become vulnerable soft babies in need of care. We are crying for our mother government—the world. We are now being forced to slow down. Our leaders are reprimanding us. 


We are looking to our chief, our Alpha, our Pharaoh pleading and being objective all at once and screaming for fairness from a divine drive through to get fries, or carrying a bucket with dirty water full of Dengue fever. 


The top ranks of this structure growl gutturally at us when we come too close to their food and stroke our bellies with their paws when they need numbers for votes and power. 


Civilisation has us transformed from tribes to towns and towns to towers. 


To feed the world, we are told we must control the soil, grow more, make the seeds more robust, use science to control the soil, so it absorbs the moisture, kills the bugs and then we kill the nutrients. So then we buy the supplements we need because the food does not give it to us. We try to stop starvation, and we swallow disease for the privilege. There are even classes and equipment we can pay to do the exercise we would have done collecting water and making bricks or our growing food. A little ironic and chaotic don't’ you think?


But the uncanny thing is we can change the pattern, and we have everything at our fingertips. 


Physics tells us we can. Let's make a quantum leap here. 


Life is a label we give to animated cells. 


Do we store our wisdom, our ancestral memory in our brain, our DNA, or in our ether or is it a binary system, a code written well before primordial sludge could swipe an EFTPOS card? Can existential lessons create a version of social inertial force? Imagine if we imbued these structures with a new form?


Have you ever heard of the theory of Spontaneous Self-Organisation? Universal and very complex phenomena are taking place in the physical, chemical and biological world, and it is science's way of understanding unexplainable order in the chaos. 


Everything vibrates or moves; even inanimate objects are made of tiny particles. Here is where it gets interesting; when different vibrating forms are near each other; they will often start to vibrate together and get in sync with each other. Welcome to Spontaneous Self-Organisation.  


An example is the patterned swimming of schools of fish, without any outside direction. 


When many fireflies get together, their light will begin to pulsate at the same rate. Crystallisation and snowflake patterns are another. There are so many. Scientists are now working out how DNA does this, along with stem cells along with neuroplasticity. It's exciting, and it is complicated. 


Magnets are an excellent example of SSO. 


Iron is a magnetic material and is made up of tiny magnets called 'spins.' Each spin will point in different directions, and their magnetic fields will cancel each other out. There is no order. If the temperature goes up, the more random. But when the temperature decreases, the spins will spontaneously align themselves, so that they all point in the same direction. Instead of cancelling each other, the different magnetic fields now add up, producing a strong overall field. 


But here's the clincher, with spontaneous self-organisation there has to be disorder first for new random fluctuations to emerge. A dynamic state between order and chaos emerges otherwise called "The Edge of Chaos?" Only when chaos builds to a large point can a weak fluctuation be amplified to create a new pattern. 


If we are made of cells in animation, experiencing 'life" then surely we must be a 'life force." 

When we endeavour can we align spontaneously with each other? What about consciousness? Is this a shared resonance? I don' t know about you, but there's a whole lot of chaos on planet earth right now. 


Is this life simulation or an echo bouncing back at us? 

Is it not the stars that shine brightly or us reflecting from them? 

Is this spontaneous self-organisation a science theory about to be proven, or is there a frequency of divinity that is not an external force understood of old but one mighty universe from within? 


Wouldn't it be a cosmic kind of sonic bang if we aligned and no longer controlled by genetically modified consumerism and started a new pattern?


Fish swim, fireflies light. What if human's 'kinded?' If every single action is with kindness, then maybe with a little quantum physics, spin and a dash of positive loop feedback, we can evolve and change some of those class ideas while we are at it. 


We are like litmus paper; if we are slowed will we finally be ready to absorb the wisdom that comes in waves from our ancestors? Do we know how? 


One can only ponder. 




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